About Us

We are a family-owned horse boarding and training facility located in Southeast Tucson, Arizona.  We are located 3 miles from the I-10/Houghton Rd. exit 275. Here is the MAP to our facility.  Our goal is to provide full-care horse boarding for people who want their horses to have the best. The design and layout of the facility has two 24-stall barns at the center. Tackrooms are located between the barns. Arenas and turnouts are adjacent to the barns on all sides.

 Our property is 16 acres with a 7 acre fenced interior. Our barns were made by MD Barns of AZ. They are open and breezy and have insulation in the roof for a much cooler summer experience.

We're a kid friendly horse center.

We’re a kid friendly horse center.

Why we started

We have been at several Tucson area barns over the years and they all have their good and not-so-good points. When we decided to start Doubletake Equestrian Center, we wanted a place that drained well during monsoons and had plenty of room for arenas and turnouts. We researched  different barn designs, manure management plans and facility layouts in order to take the best of all options and make it a reality.

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